Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours of the 3rd inst I didn’t think I was writing any less to you lately than I always have done. I think I had the flue when I only wrote one letter and a field-card but I told you then the cause of it. Our post goes at such a funny time that I often miss it unless I write the day before. I don’t say always how I am going on as I think it advisable not to; why? I shall explain in my next epistle if I don’t forget to. It is the first I have heard of the “li’l dawg”; we had one before but it was too vicious so we got rid of it. I had a thick headache with my “flue” and felt pretty rotten but one or two developed pleurisy and bronchitis but we haven’t had many deaths and none through “flue” only. I am sorry to hear Mr Clark is bad and I hope he gets better soon. I suppose it makes more work for you doesn’t it him being away. I have not had a chance to answer Mr Ferraro’s letter yet but I will do so as soon as I can get the time. I have soon started, two bad knees, one, the edge of a bit of corrugated iron scratched and the other well I fell up stairs and found myself down the bottom and thought I had broken my leg but came off lightly with a “knocked up” knee. Of course it is not a favourite trick of mine to fall down stairs. I was coming up so did I fall up or down. Well enough of stairs for now let’s get on with something else. When A German aeroplane was brought down in our lines the other day a Frenchman showed his delight by laying on his back and clapping his hands.

Well ma Cherie I must now conclude with

Best Love From Will xx

PS. Please excuse scribble as here is something wrong with the pen.


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