Dearest Emmie

In answer to your long letter of the 4th inst. I don’t know why you should feel so foolish because I answered three of your letters at once. I hope you don’t think that you write too much. If I happen to get two or three together at any future time how shall I answer them please? I wouldn’t do anything intentionally that you didn’t like you know. We play out at 6.30 every evening so I have more to occupy my time now than I did have. I don’t compre the being too thumbs up. Have I seen your new friend or is she new to the district. Mind you don’t turn the boat over with your crabs it is quite possible you know. I am sorry that I overlooked that small request you made what was it? You asked me some time ago to tell you what the censored part of a letter was and to return the same well that was the date of when we went up the line which if “Jerry” had got hold of it by any means would have been very important information for him. Well, I am returning letter is you little request answered? I had not forgotten it entirely. Did Mrs Day come over to see the new arrival, some joke. If George is taken prisoner I think it takes about two months before a letter gets through. I did not know Lord Rhondda had died until I received your letter although I learned afterwards that it was in the paper two days before. Sorry to hear that the ‘flu’ is so bad in London. I think it has passed away from here now. May I leave my socks off when I get to ‘kip’ or walk about with bare knees. I don’t think I’ll catch cold. I will get my photo taken if I see a decent place. I would like the latest one of you as soon as poss. You are not very complementary about not knowing much of your letter after reading it. I have not had time to write Mr Farraro yet so please tell him I will answer as soon as poss. How are you getting on with the piano? Quest. How does musical sound differ from mere noise? How many kinds of scales are there? I would like you to answer them and ask me two. Well I must now conclude.

With Fondest Love From Will.


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