Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 7th inst. I am glad to know that you can find plenty to do these long evenings. I should think that you could find your way about Golders Green and Hampstead in the dark by now, I am glad you found the brooch again it was very fortunate walking to the exact spot. Is C.H. a sergeant in the Air Force. I think he deserves the rank. Where is he stationed? I hear or rather see by the mag: that Nellie W is back at the “Mish”, and her sister is some musician now; I presume that those letters are something to do with a college of music I forget what they are now.

Are you growing much with all your exercise? If you go swimming mind you don’t get your feet wet. I have received the mags. thank you, what made you think that I wouldn’t get them? I read that paper cutting and am glad to know that the doctors are getting the ‘flu in hand well. I have not received that stuff from home yet and I would like you to find out if it has been sent please. I would like you to send me a block of “snow white blanco” if you please. There is something the matter with my watch; sometimes it goes in 2/4 time (simple duple) and sometimes in ‘compound triple’ and now it is going in 0/0 time.

Ques.1. Why is it needless to write a piece of music in more than 6 sharps or six flats?

Ques.2. Where is C in the alto cleff.

I am going to have some hot milk for supper tonight, that’s the stuff to feed the troops on.

I went to a concert last night: it was given by the “Red Diamonds” and was très bon; “tres beens” as is generally said.

Well my dear I don’t think I have any more to write about this time so will conclude

With Fondest Love from

Will xxx

PS.I heard from Frank C. the other day. He supposed for some reason that I had gone into hospital and was very comfortable himself. His letter consisted of about 60 words and if you count the words in this post-script there are 50 so you may guess how long his letter was.


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