Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 11th & 19th inst both received this afternoon. What baths do you go to for swimming? Most of the milk in canteens out here is liquid although in tins and may be diluted by about 50% of water so you see where the milk comes from. A few sticks and a match soon makes a little fire, hence the hot milk. Although it is unsweetened it all goes down the same way. No! I have no tennis shoes but having to obey orders I wear a white lanyard on the right shoulder and the snow whote blanco will add to the whiteness. I really like that photo’ of you very much I don’t see anything wrong with it. Of course I noticed the Sussex badge. The “Red diamonds” concert party consists of about 10 men of course they are soldiers, and they have to dress up to make female characters. I am sorry I put a “D” in college but is this the American way of spelling “neccessarily”. There is something wrong with me I can’t spell for nuts lately. I hope that Bert is better by now, he mustn’t go swimming too much. I saw by the Mag. that W.Arnold had moved so I didn’t write. I had a letter in answer to mine from Mr Warder yesterday.

Yes! I know W. Watts is out here. I guess he’s having a flighty time. It is just as quiet here but I hear the French and Americans are doing things down the line

Perhaps all of Mr Ferraro’s girls have joined the W.A.A.C.s or Wrens of something like that I suppose the boys are under military age. I have still got [] & [] and I am really charmed. Oh! that night, poor old Joe! But I didn’t make such a bad do after all in the long run. I don’t remember writing anything that would give you a good character just as if I would. Did you have the teeth out or did they stop aching when you got to the dentist’s door. I didn’t think you considered yourself thin perhaps you might beside Eve Y. You expect I am brown do you well my knees are. I burnt one with a cigarette so I am not yet free from sore knees. Le tete d’cheveux est tres long merci beaucoup. Well I havn’t any more to write this time so will close.

With Best Love From Yours Ever Will xx


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