Dearest Emmie

Just a few lines to let you know that I am still alright. I went to the pictures last night and they were very good. There are numerous entertainments out here for us such as kinemas and various concert parties. I often think when sitting on a form with no back at the pictures, of the settees at the Rink.

Many thanks for parcel just received with très bon contents as usual. I ma sorry the dentist had such a hard job with your tooth but I dare say you will have forgotten all about it by the time you receive this. I am sorry I do not write enough for you, I write as often as possible and if it is every other day I have nothing to write about. Merci pour le lingerie ou couverture c’est très bon pour mépal polisage.

We have been of a job cleaning field-cookers and they are in a mess too. They look as if they have never been cleaned at all. How is Bert going on I suppose he is back at school by now. I think the flue has left this district now, I suppose it will go out of England as quick as it came.

How is the swimming going on? Would you like any help. I dare say I could teach you (to swim) very well, what!

I would like you to find out for me if there is a 5/4 time in music? s’il vous plait. I have never seen it but I have been told there is such.

I have had another letter from F.Champ, he writes very frequently. I told him about W.L. and he doesn’t like the idea much. Well my dear I must perforce conclude now if I would catch the post, so

Au Revoir

Best Love

From Your Will xx


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