Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours of the 31st ult I am better now thanks it was only a cold but I thought it might have been the ‘flu’ again as my eyes ached so much. I should imagine ‘Chu Chin Chow’ is rather difficult to play, n’est-ce pas?

It is still the same as usual here only there seem to be more civilians coming back to their homes. We have just had a practice so this is my second attempt at writing. The last letter I wrote you I should think I left it no less than eight times. It is now pouring of rain so we are just back in time.

I saw George Watson this morning. When you wrote and said that he had seen me I had no idea that he was in a fighting Regt. I thought he would have been in the labour corps. I had a few words with him and will see him again before he goes up the line. I would like to know how Will likes his ride, it is his first long one isn’t it. If you ever have a husband as you say, you have to honour and obey him so he might do whitewashing on Bank Holiday.

By now you will have had your ramble and I hope that you enjoyed it. I had a letter from W.L. and will answer it when I get time. I hope you like the card I sent you yesterday it was a pretty one I think, was not it? I don’t think I told you, but not long ago I met a chum who used to go with me to St Brides school, strange how small the world is isn’t it. Sorry if this is “buckshee” news to you, compre?

Well I will close now dinner is up and there is no “buck” that is an abbreviated buckshee or perhaps the masculine the latter sounds somewhat feminine. Please remember me to Ma & Pa

Fondest Love

From Will xxx

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