Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 1st inst. No! perhaps we wouldn’t want to go to the ramble I dare say we could enjoy ourselves just as well on our own as with a crowd: what say you?

On Aug. 4th 14 I think I was a “Southend sur mer”. I remember there were about a doz. newspaper editions every afternoon. Special War Ed: every time. To hear me speak one would think I was a paper boy perhaps it is rather a funny incident to remember.

There was no tragedy in the letter you mention everybody seemed to breathe a sigh of relief when the new colonel came.

I think “it” is quite safe and no fear of it being squashed, in fact it is growing.

The shortest I have seen is a 128th demisemi-demisemiquaver = 1 semi-breve. A demisemiquaver is a 32nd note. semiquaver 16th note. (28th) (94th) (92nd) (O,)(||O|| breve has two beats.) Compre? The latter is mostly seen in church music. You might be surprised if I say that I have no book or rudiments of music I read one once though not here and I had a small one which I left in the band in Blighty, that is all. I think music is the quickest think I grasp, other things I am generally slow but shure. I havn’t seen G Watson again but I dare say I will before he goes up the line. His brother will be of age soon and I don’t think he’s much bigger than young Bert. I must perforce close now as the post is going.

Fondest Love from Yours Ever Will .

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