Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of Rom: Way received yesterday. It is Saturday today and it seems an age since last Sunday so by the time you receive this you will have forgotten all you wrote about. It was not a very long letter and I am afraid this will have to be the same.

I went to a horse show yesterday. We walked from 8a.m. till 2p.m. for the motors to tale us and we passed part of the time away by sitting on the kerb enjoying the scenery of the ruins “en face”. As we arrived there late we did not see much and some of our rations was down there and we didn’t see them at all. There was a canteen that had nothing to sell as it had been raided. I suppose they didn’t serve quick enough. We got back about 8 o’cl and were lucky to get a lorry, some of the chaps had to walk back which must have taken them about 2½ hours.

It is the twins birthday on Weds 14th inst they will be 17. Well my dear I will close now and write more next time if poss.

Fondest Love from Will


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