Dearest Emmie

In answer to yours of the 6th inst, I am sorry my letter took so long to reach you. This letter although dated 11th which is today will not be collected until tomorrow and then it has to be censored. Well this is going to be a green envelope and they are not generally censored but for some reason or other are delayed at the base. In future I will date my letters on the day they are collected.

I don’t think I would care for a 14 mile ramble, much too long I think. I wouldn’t mind a short walk. I would not be able to enjoy myself so much continually on the jaunt as I would walking round a fair. Perhaps you think me queer but I have done enough walking although perhaps not so much as some chaps. You will have to have a bicycle après la guerre.

I saw in the paper that a zepp had been brought down I recon they will give up zepp raids one of these days. I remember one zeppy night especially, do you know why? You said I was a “sorsee” boy that night didn’t you, compre? Well I couldn’t help it. I simply had to. You took it calmer than I thought you would that premier baiser.

As to the colour of mine eyes well I always used to say that they were blue but you would have it that they were grey.

When I was un petit garcon they were blue but now they are granite grey.

I wrote to Mr Chapman directly after the last time you mentioned it so it didn’t take long to cause a “material effect” did it.

I am sorry to hear that Will had a wet journey to Brighton. I know what it is riding in the wet. It took me 4 hours to do the journey. I started at 6a.m. and arrived there at 10 o’cl. just as the train in which Mum & Dad was came in. I had a good ride but had a puncture coming back. I dare say he will come back quicker than he went.

We are back in our leaky billet again as the civilians have returned to their home.

This is about the only point Jonny has not attacked so we are lucky being here.

I saw two men today who are going on leave, they are about 12 months men so its coming down. I think leave starts next month so perhaps I will be home before next April now. We are allowed a warrant to take one journey on any railway at a cheap rate when we are on leave from France. I’ll hardly know what to do when I get home we are like the Japs do everything on the floor.

I hear that Desmond is a pianist in a concert party out here. Lucky dog I say. I wrote him the other day so hope to get a reply soon.

I see Miss Verlindee (as on the front of the Mag) is a teacher at the dancing class. I guess things are livening up at the Mish. now.

[text reversed] I am longing for the time when I will be able to give you a nice kiss. You are the last I did the same to and I hope that you are the first one when I get to Blighty.

I will now conclude with

Fondest Love

from Yours Ever

Will xxx


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