Dearest Emmie

After a good search and turnout I found the lost article, yours of the 23rd inst. which I knew I had not answered. What a memory! No! I have not been up the line but I was busy when I sent so many field post-cards. Of course I didn’t mean to be formal when I wrote my full name on them it seemed as if that’s what it wanted. Like signing anything compre but in future I will do as you ask. I’m glad Maude noticed it but don’t know why.

Rather a “take” in firing at an abbo: thinking it was a Zepp. I did not know Will was working at Cambridge It’s a marvel how he gets taken on at a firm. You ask me rather a funny question: of course if I had the same opinion as Will I would think I was right and therefore would not expect you to give me up: and if you did, well, I would think that you was altogether wrong and it would break my heart and I would join the army and go away for ever or do something desperate. It does a very long time seem since I saw you last; it is now since five months.

J’ai vour letter reçu d 25th pour qui je vous remerci.

The evenings do draw in quickly now and it is not so warm. I thought you would put that card on the shelf in your bedroom it would look prettier there no doubt. I did get your letter headed with a black cat I will return you one iff possible. You don’t seem to take in all I write do you think I exaggerate much. I looked out for a black cat last night but I do not exactly care for the words they are to personel. It was the only kind I could get so hope you won’t dislike it. Of course you are dear to me dearer than perhaps you think but I don’t like advertising on post-cards. I am also sending a lil’ dawg to keep the chat noir company.

I don’t suppose I will be able to get any more cards where we are moving to but I will if I can.

Well my dear I will now conclude with

Best Love

From Will xxx


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