Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of 27th ult in answer to my green envelope. Silly thing for me to do, forgot to sign my name I’ll see that I don’t forget again. I am surprised at you not knowing me by now, what had I to be cross about. I admit I was very disappointed at not hearing for such a long time but I knew that you would have a satisfactory explanation for me. I suppose they wondered at home what happened. I can’t make it out why you didn’t hear from me for 9 days I think I write at least every three, or I would send you a field card if I hadn’t time for a letter. Rather a strange dream you mother had but like ghosts I think nothing of them. Who is the other boy who is going to stop me from seeing you I should like to know. Well strange things happen don’t they but I think a thing like that is rather improbable n’est ce pas? I am pleased to hear Bert (our budding organist) had a good time I did not think he was nearly 14 yet though.

I guess those airmen and persons in the position of C.R.H. have a good time in Blighty of course we must have these people and they are lucky to get such jobs. We have not moved yet but I suppose we will soon.

I am now up the line or rather a little nearer. I think it is only for two or three days. I have no writing paper with me only a few field cards so don’t get alarmed if you don’t get a letter for a few days. I have not had my photo taken yet but will do as soon as poss. I hope you enjoy yourself while you are away, you’ll have to go without letters for a fortnight.

When you write to me put your address on the back so that the letters will get returned should they not find me.

Well my dear I must now conclude

With Fondest Love

From Your Will xx

P.S. Photo of band before I joined is enclosed [missing]


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