Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 15th and two of the 16th inst received yesterday. Perhaps you would like me to accompany you with your song, would you not? I’ll get a week end for such an auspicious occasion, perhaps not.

Did you have a hero to pull you out after falling in the sea. I think you had better tell me all about it because I don’t expect a letter from Mabel. Perhaps you did similar to what I did after falling in the canal. I hope the organ is finished by the time I get home but I don’t suppose it will be this side of Christmas. How did your Dad go on at the med. Exam. I hope and expect he was not passed A1 especially as his legs are so bad now. I think “pessimism” and “optimism” are two favourite words of W.J.’s. I remember an argument he had with Will Sharp in 1913 as to what the words really meant.

As to the Christ’delph I am not going to think over it only find out two points which Will spoke of. Will they keep W.Watts in the Flying Corps or rather the Ryl Air Force now that he has finished flying. I am surprises about that sketch rather a funny way of going about things but still I hope the concert goes alright. I read in the paper that the railway had come to terms with the men. If they could only see a little of life out here I don’t think they would strike. Of course we never get our full pay. Some of the men are £15 in credit but I am glad to say I am not 15d that way. It seems rather a funny thing to say I suppose but I have had my money. It is a craze to buy War bonds now but I wouldn’t buy any out here if I had the off-tish as I have an account at home. It would be a lot of good us striking for more pay, when a chap gets shot for being absent a few hours of course he had more than that for previous crimes, I think we might be struck with a piece of lead. Well I must close now to catch the post with

Fondest Love

from Will xx


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