Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 18th inst. The news is good this morning about the victory in Palestine. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them drop out now. I am sorry to hear you have a cold I hope it’s not the ‘flu’. I had a letter from Mabel yesterday and she told me all about you falling into the sea, etc. it’s a good job it wasn’t deep. I can’t see what Les wants to join the Navy for but if he goes I hope he likes it, it will mean signing on for about 15 years I suppose. We have had rather a lot of rain lately but it seems to dry up between the showers. We keep quite dry so far but if course the winter as not started yet. I haven’t had the opportunity of going to H.C. lately but will do so as soon as poss. I have just had a letter from Frank Champ and he has been hit in the back. It is not very bad and I don’t suppose he will get to Blighty. I am glad to hear you Dad was discharged I am shure you didn’t want him to go did you. I am also glad to hear that your Mother is better perhaps she had been eating tinned food. We have fairly good baem [breakfast and evening meal] nearly every day here but we are always jolly hungry before meals. I have now got to steam up before playing out with

Fondest Love

from Will


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