Dearest Emmie

Yours to hand of the 7th inst: Yes, we did enjoy that little rest although it was only for a few days and I don’t suppose we will have another time like that for some time to come. Your idea of an Estaminet I fear is wrong but of course there are “some” and ”some” compre? I should think that the Marlboro’ would pay better as a cinema and if it is very good you will have to take me there one of these times. I would like to get my photo taken but as we are at least 30 miles from civilization it would be rather difficult. You would be surprised to see the Batt: turn out to catch a glance of a civilian but that is what would happen should one drop this way. I would certainly like to see the battered village in Trafalgar Square and the trenches and would be able to compare it with the actual. Thanks also for the Mag: I suppose I should drop a few lines to Mr Ferraro; well I will do so if I get time. I sent a letter to Harold Day yesterday but I don’t know if he will get it because I’ve written to an address I had about two years ago. I have written Mr Avery and also to a friend (male) at Colchester, so you see I have been busy. Well my dear I must draw to a close now and help with the veg for dinner.

With Fondest Love

from Yours Ever

Will xx


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