Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 4th inst. We are now frying some chips for supper, sounds alright doesn’t it. Our only difficulty is in getting fat to fry in. Did I tell you that the other day we made a jam tart of flour, water and jam and bacon fat and it tasted très bon.

I am glad your Dad is getting the chair ready for us again we’ll have to mind how we go next time. Of course that is an old complaint with armchairs, ours has it at home. I wonder how it caught it. Glad you liked the “Better ‘ole”. I wish I could have been with you but never mind this last week I have had to find one or two better ‘oles. I think I mentioned that I have received my cornet, last Monday week, but have not been able to undo the parcel: no time. That sounds as if I am busy doesn’t it. The months do certainly fly by, it will soon be Christmas and by then I hope that this conflict is over. It is possible but I don’t think probable. We mustn’t get too excited about peace before it’s here (in fact that’s general orders of the day). I guess Harold Day was busy for a little while when the she’ll burst near him, at any rate I’m glad he wasn’t hurt. Sometimes shells do have a habit of dropping uncomfortably near but as long as no one is hurt they can fall where they like.

The nights do draw in quickly now and if your office is moved you won’t have so far to walk home although it is not much farther. Perhaps Mr.P. will open an office in Rue de Tibre if you ask him. I hope that you enjoy the dance: I presume you’re[?] to go. Well I must close now as I am almost monopalizing the table and lamp.

With Love

From Yours Ever

Will xx


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