Dearest Emmie

I have received the writing-pad and books for which I thank you very much. We are still having a fairly good time but not quite as bon as when I wrote before. We came out of a smart house into a pig sty (literally). Of course we cleaned the place out and now it is alright but if the Germans were billeted in such places, as seems evident, they must be a dirty lot. I wrote a letter to W.L. the other day so I don’t know if he will get it or not: I suppose it will be forwarded on. Of course no one can be forced into joining up and I know that he won’t give way once he has started. He states some peculiar facts but they are true and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if he got off. I don’t know what his father must think of him being an old Soldier but of course everyone has a right to his own opinion and “here’s” to the man who can stick to it whatever it may be.

Well I don’t think I have any more to write this time so I will conclude

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xx


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