Dear Emmie

It is now five days since I have heard from you so I am just writing a few lines to let you know that I am still going strong. We have had a quiet time this last week although we (the drums) have had plenty of playing to do. We are supposed to have a canteen but they have [had] nothing to sell for some time so please send me some cigarettes as soon as poss.

We are still going forward fairly quickly but Johny is going back equally as fast. We are now in the 3rd army: I don’t know if I told you before. Mabel will be 21 tomorrow I sent her a letter the other day wishing her “many happy returns” and I dare say she has had it by now. By the time you receive this I will have been out here seven months. It does seem a long time and I am longing to see you but I suppose it will be about another three months before I start thinking of leave unless they send more a month than they are sending now.

I saw some civilians today as we passed through some captured villages and they are all round the troops. As we passed through one place we struck up a French march and one lady burst into tears and went indoors. About a fortnight ago I think I told you we were in private-houses; well we went straight from there into a stable and it was the worst place I have ever been in but we soon cleared it out and made it inhabitable. Well my dear I must close now but will write again as soon as poss.

With Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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