Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 23rd inst received yesterday. I am glad to hear that the organ is finished, they have been a long time with it but I suppose they can’t get the labour. I hear from a chap back off leave that it is hard to get cigarettes in London even, so it does not matter about sending me any unless you have already bought some.

I am sorry to hear that the flu’ is so bad in London and hope that you all keep free of it. Mum sent me a cutting out of the paper of someone playing a piano in a big town out here: that was a nearer guess than yours in fact it was white hot. Thinking of peace has a bad effect on the troops and makes them “windy” or that is what official circulars state. I must say that K.T. is unlucky and she didn’t ought to have any more to do with her nice young man. You say “if he was my boy” well if ifs and ands etc.

We have seen more civilians lately who have been set free by us and they are thankful and can’t show their gratitude enough. I don’t think they have been too lightly handled by what they say especially some of the girls. It is evident that they have not been overfed and for the time being are sharing our rations until better arrangements can be made.

I have been practicing on a clarinette this last week and didn’t make a bad fist of it either. Well Emmie dear I must close now so as to write a letter home.

With Fondest Love

From Yours Always

Will xxx


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