Dearest Emmie

We are still at the same place but hope to be moving soon. It is Advent Sunday today and I went to H.C. this morning the first time for a long time. Please remember me to Mrs Thomson (your aunt) when you see her. What did Bertie think of the wedding or rather the marriage? I suppose he had something sausey to say. Glad to hear G.Todd is on his way home he will be in England soon. I reckon he’s been jolly lucky, don’t you? I feel sorry for Mrs Mayne myself she is left all on her own now but I know Mum will help her as much as poss: I am now going on parade for about half an hour and will continue this by some artificial light. I have still plenty of ink tablets left thank you. I don’t think I have used a third yet. I would like to have a go at “Christ & his Soldiers” on the organ, I’ve only tried bits but not all through. It is all easy enough on the piano. We generally have a tune of an evening now that it is too dark to go anywhere and there is also nowhere of any amusement here. I dare say we will have a better time when we settle down for the winter, if we do: it is rumoured that our Brigade is having a concert party out from England so that would be alright. Of course rumours are generally told the wrong way round with a bit added on by the time it has been through a few hands, so I will tell you. We might have a band sent to us, of course it is about time and it would be très bon. I might be able to get a little practice. While I am writing this there are two of the boys playing home sweet home on clalrinettes. How is Maude going on do you see much of her now or rather do you see her often? I hope you have a good time Christmas wish I could be with you, will let you know what kind of a time we have.

Donald is sitting on my left and are both stop writing and looking at each other every now and then as there is not much to write about so I will close; hope to get a letter tomorrow.

Best love from



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