Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 27th ult. The common saying in France for “How are you” is Comment alez vous, literally “how go you” but I dare say “commens partey vous” is better French. I suppose G.Todd is home now (lucky dog). I think released Ps.O.W. get two months leave and £5 down but perhaps they will from some scheme for demobilizing them quickly.

Please tell Herbert Bertie that I would be quite alright in the middle of Sahara Desert because of the sand which is there. (Compre). Sorry to hear that the flu’ has broken out again I hope you will all keep free from it. We have bacon almost every day, or what is called bacon, but I think sometimes we get French boar which when salted is exactly like bacon. Yes! I hope to be home for good by next Summer and I think there is every possibility.

I think soldiers of 19 who are signing on are liable to be sent abroad. We are having a lecture or something on education I think this morning so I will have to leave this letter in a minute.

I read that piece about the lead swinger and the band and no doubt cases have occurred very similar: in fact is a musician was to get to a base, sick, it would probably mean a three or sometimes six months job in a band. Some chaps are excellent at it. How do you go on for butter and cheese in England now: I think there is a shortage out here, our rations are wicked lately. I suppose it doesn’t matter now the war is over. We are moving to another village soon and I hope things will improve there.

Has your office moved yet? Please will you send me a couple of candles if it is no trouble for you to get them, they will come in very handy. We have a canteen but as usual there is nothing in it. I think somebody else has a pick before privates. I have nothing any good to write now so will close

With Love

From Yours with the Hun

Will xx


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