Dear Emmie

We are still at the same place, miles from anywhere worth going to. I dare say you think we are all having a good time now but I don’t want you to deceive yourself. We have been promised Civilian billits and I hope we get them before Christmas. I think I told you the name of this place is Mouchin; quite an appropriate name but after all perhaps it would be worse with a war on. Of course I don’t want you to think that I am right down in the “dumps” perhaps the continual moaning all round makes a diff. If we did any hard work we would have a good cause to moan and yet perhaps the monotony of doing nothing gets on ones nerves. Perhaps I should not say that or it might make it worse for all. When our classes start I will be très satisfait. What does the organ sound like now: is it any better than it was before it was repaired? I guess I will have to get some practice before playing for a service. Dad want me to attend St Bride’s Institute again when I come home. I would like to get into an Army printing shop for a short course while I am waiting my discharge but I don’t think it is possible. I have to fall in for pay now and for this letter to catch the next post I will now conclude and write a better letter next time, with

Fondest Love

From Will xxx

W Metcalfe



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