Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 30th ult: I cannot understand you not getting more than one letter a week from me. I think this is the third or perhaps the fourth I have written you this week so please let me know if you have received the others. I know the last two letters I have written have not been up to much but you know you are not the only one who treads my correspondence. I would very much like to write you a nice long letter but I cannot make a lot out of nothing.

I have only been to the Albert Hall twice and once was with you, can you remember? Are concerts still held at the Central Hall now on Saturday evenings such as we used to go to? I would very much like to hear an organ recital by Mr Meale now, all the music we get is by banging a drum or pumping a flute. I think our Batt is frightened to carry a piano with them. I found the puzzle enclosed and now I see that I nearly worked it our before but didn’t get that shape. As for the one I set you, you can’t quite do it now but when I come home you will be able to. You have to use a mirror on the figures and you will see the answer. I gave my name in for a course of “Lithography” this morning, that will be très bon; I will soon get my hand in again. I didn’t think that they would open [?] for courses but as I said in my last letter I would like to get into an Army printing shop or school. I never hear anything of W.L. from home I think I will write to Mabel and ask her. I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept C.Os till the army is all demobilized.

Well my dear I will close now and write tomorrow if poss

Fondest Love

From Yours Ever

Will xxx


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