Dear Emmie

In answer to yours of the 2nd inst. I think somehow the post is wrong; it is very irregular and I don’t think they can all get through what I send to you: all the chaps speak of the same thing. Have you received more than one letter from me this this week, you should have done. If leave goes fairly well I should be home about the end of Jan. Mr Ferraro did not write to me first, I did the trick for once. I have had some election Communication sent to me but of course not having read the papers much I cannot form an opinion. I think the govt. is frightened to wait any longer or they will lose power for a labour party. The weather has been glorious this last few days quite like spring really too good to last. I pity the chaos who have to go forward into Germany if they are having a worse time than us. I don’t think they will have much of a time.

The war is over and now the boys have started soldiering. Five guards instead of one have to be found every day out of the batt. The chaps have to clean their brass and equipment and be smart to look at and go without a bath for weeks. I think I will be in my eighth week in a couple of days time. I think I’ll write home for a bath soon to carry in my pack. I guess you will thinking me a frightful moaner but it’s an “Englishman’s privilege”. It would be a bit cheerful if we had a piano but I think the batt is frightened to carry one. I expect a nice long letter from you although I cannot write one. You would understand if you knew how empty this life is. I will now close hoping the time will pass quickly for us to move from here.

Fondest Love

From  Will xxx


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