Dear Emmie

In answer to yours of the 20th ult. I have had one or two letters from you dated this month and yet another came yesterday of the 20 ult as you see above. I have still the swastika and also the lucky sixpence you gave me or to be precise, the lucky sixpence which I won of you. I’ll have to wear the [swastika] on my watch chain when I get home it has been through some “stunts”. If I was to become organist at the mish I would find an assist. from somewhere. Mr Ferrow told me of the organ heating device he has to keep the damp out. Do you think I will be under anybody’s thumb even when I get home? What did Mr Howard get for a wedding present I really forget. What is it that you are going to tell me that is going to make me so surprised; I hope it is not a shock. Have you left your office yet or are you still staying on. One of the boys says that if clothes are too dear when he gets back his full dress will be steel hat, bathing drawers and spurs.

I dare say I will get one leave before demobilisation but I could do with the latter premiere. Some chaps are going on leave now so as to return one day before Christmas; I think it is putting temptation in their path: of course they are punished for overstaying their pass. Some of the boys of just over 19 have never had a leave since they have been in the Army. They had 9 months training in England and never a leave and some of the poor chaps have been knocked out and their people have never seen them in khaki. What does Mrs Shovell say about the election? I suppose she doesn’t happen to give lectures on women’s suffrage. Well I will close now hoping you all keep free from the flu’.

Fondest Love

From Will xx

P.S. Please remember me to all at home.


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