Dearest Emmie

Many thanks for such a bon parcel received this evening. I have partaken of some of its contents and find them very agreeable to my palate. It’s only two days to Christmas now so you se it has come just right. Thanks also for the card, it is “très jolie”. I hope you enjoy yourself Christmas.

We filled in Army form Z16 this evening concerning civil occupation but of course that does not mean that general demobilisation has started.

The name of this place is Tantignies about 8 Kilos from Tournai. I don’t suppose you will find it on a small scale map. I think the Kents are in Tournai and a friend of mine is going to call on C.Gibbs while he is there. I notice the “musical talent” it mentioned in the Mag “some talent”. My new bed-chum is a Salvation Army man juts like one of the boys in our old band, even to the point of stuttering only this one was caused by shell shock. Well I will conclude now as I have a head-ache.

Fondest Love

From Will

PS. Please remember me to all at home.


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