Dear Emmie

Just a few lines as it is Christmas Eve and I am on guard (which comes nearly every day now) and havn’t anything to do now until 9 o’cl. I don’t know what kind of a time we will have tomorrow but I will let you know. I am hanging up my largest sock tonight but there is no chimney so I will have to leave the door open. You will be surprised to hear that I have had my watch mended. I gave it to one of the men going on leave as he knew for certain he could get it mended so I am alright again now. I think I told you that Donald went into hospital so he will not be here for tomorrow unless he is very quick now. Ho long holiday have you this Xmas? A fairly long one I should think. The various companies of this Batt are so spread out that three buglars are required. I am billeted in an estaminet for tonight and have actually a proper bed.

I have only received one Xmas card so far and that is from you but of course there is plenty of time tomorrow. I didn’t send many this year, only four, I have got into a “don’t care” sort of way and take everything as it comes. Perhaps I will wake up when I get back to work.

I don’t really know of any more to write at present so I will close hoping that you all have as good a time as poss.

With Fondest Love

From Will xx


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