Dear Emmie

Christmas is over for you now and I hope you enjoyed yourself, of course I wish I had been with you but perhaps I will be with you for Xmas 1919: at least I hope so. We had a fairly good dinner on the 25th but ours (the drums) is coming off tonight. I am looking forward to a good time and will let you know how it went down when I write next. I havn’t had a letter for a few days now but hope to get a short epistle today. I had one other Xmas card besides yours and that was from Chigwell. It’s a good job I sent them one. It hasn’t stopped raining here for two days now so you can guess what its like. All the gutters are like small streams. I will have to leave this letter now as I have volunteered to do “orderly man” for dinner.

I have finished reading the “Vow” and also “White Dove” and I think I liked the former better although “White Dove” is a good tale. B.Thorne (I think I have mentioned him before) one of the old band boys went to hospital today with a boil. Everybody goes to hospital for the least thing now rather different than when hostilities were on. I will close now and write again soon.

Fondest love

From Will xx


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