Dear Emmie

I havn’t had a letter from you since Christmas eve but will try to write something. We (the drums) had our Xmas dinner last night and I am pleased to say it was a complete success. I think 27 in all had dinner but there are about 10 away on courses and in hospital etc. We had a comic out of one of the concert parties and he kept things lively. We borrowed a large room (Estaminet) and also a piano for our Brig. orchestra. We had two turkeys, meat and veg, and fruit and custard second course; it was très bon. There were plenty of drinks and cigars and cigarettes so you will guess we had a lively time. I was one of a few who knew what I was doing near the end. I guess some of them felt the power of weak French wine. We had dances and songs and I played most of the time. We finished at 10.30pm and I dare say we won’t have such an evening in the Army again unless we are here for next Xmas.

One of the drummers is going home on demobilisation staff as he is an old soldier: not a bad job. It is surprising the number of people that attend church in France they seem to come away in mass formation after nearly every service. I was not able to attend the service this morning as I am on guard but çe ne fait rien (as is on everybody’s lips for everything. (ça le guerre.) I would like you to get me a nib for my pen please as I can make nothing of the one I have now. [crossed out] I would like on a shade finer s’il vous plait. I will close now hoping to hear from you soon.

Fondest Love

From Will xxx


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