Dear Emmie

It is new years day today and that is why I am writing. Really I have nothing much to write about but I don’t suppose you mind as long as you get a line from me. Last night we played at a dance which followed a whist drive. You will smile when you know that I won a prize yes the “booby prize”. I was playing as lady and was presented with the top end of a candle but the lowest gentlemen (lower than I) had a fag-end (excuse the talk) and a match. Of course both were wrapped in ten times more paper than was necessary. The dance was till 10 o’cl but was prolonged until 11 o’cl. Eventually we wound up at 01.30 o’cl 1-1-19. I hope to hear from you soon. I havn’t had a letter from you since before Xmas and I guess you don’t know how I feel. Perhaps letters have been held up for you must have written in seven days. Have you ever read “The Luck Of The Vails” it is not at all a bad book by E.F. Benson. We are taking it in turns in visiting Tournai. I think we spend four days there. If I go I will see C.Gibbs. That is all I really want to go for. Did you ever go to that Fancy dress ball with E.V. at Anderton’s. We are having a fairly easy time. The other day we had a boxing lecture so I guess the next craze will be boxing. Wrestling is more my mark. I don’t fancy the look of broken noses and thick ears. Does H.B. still keep the piano up now. I occasionally get a practice now and again. There is a very good piano in an Estaminet near here. I would like you to send me another writing pad s’il vous plait.

I will now close as it is getting late and I didn’t get to bed until the early hours of this morning. By the way I didn’t forget the white rabbits. I wish you a happy and prosperous new year and hope to be with you soon.

Fondest Love

From Will xxx

P.S. Please remember me to all at home.


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