Dear Emmie

I hope to get a letter from you today. I had one about three days ago from you. Three men were demobilised from this Batt yesterday and one actually refused his ticket. You’ll catch me doing that “I should shay sho.” All men who have been out here fourty months or more have to parade at orderly room tomorrow so I suppose they will be off soon. We have another whist drive tomorrow night but I see that I don’t get booby prize next time. I think I am going to Tournai on the 10th inst for four days. By all accounts there is some life there. It will be a bit of a change for this place is rather quiet. Please will you send me one of long rough things used as sponges for washing. I forget the name of them but I dare say you know what I mean. There is not much to write about so I will finish this when I get that letter this afternoon / I will have to close this letter but promise you a longer for the next.

Fondest Love

From Will xxx


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