Dear Emmie

Your letter to hand of the 1st inst. I had just given up hope for a letter again when I spotted your handwriting. The chap was just going off with it. This post has been delayed as it is it went to the wrong Batt first. I suppose it found the wrong bag. The sorting office is just near as I suppose it was their mistake. Rather a lot of Soldiers at the Mission all at once I would like to see some of them again. If you see either F Champ or W Sharp I would like you to tell them that I would like a letter from them. It is a wonder that F Champ has not written. I am of an opinion that my leave will be near March now as I think I mentioned before. I think more men are being discharged now than what are going on leave, I suppose they can’t get enough transport for all the lot. Some of the boys in these drums had to walk 66 Kilos for the train quite far enough with full pack. It took them three days and I should think that they had earnt their leave after that. Rather strange meeting Mr Westfold on Kingst. Station I guess you were surprised. No! there wasn’t even a card from home Christmas I would like you to mention the fact to Mabel from me please and don’t forget I don’t mean that you generally forget things only perhaps you might have thought that I didn’t mean it. How is Mabel now does she even speak of Will? I have even done something silly: broken my watch

glass now but I will soon get that repaired as I think we are going to Lille on Thursday for the day. You see they look after us a bit now that the war is over. Thanks for example of sqr root I can see now how it’s done. Our whist drive is on tonight and I am on guard but I will work it all right. You will be surprised to hear that Donald (my half-cousin on my Father’s side) is in a hospital in England. I forget the town now. He is jolly lucky for I don’t suppose he will come out here again. I am just knocking off for tea now will finish this after.

It is now tomorrow as the Irishman said and our whist drive went off tres bon. I played better last night and managed to get 168 and the third prize was 172 so I didn’t do so bad. Too many men wanted to go to Lille so our names were picked and I was one of the lucky ones. It is only for a day but it will be worth a visit. I think we go to Tournai on Friday. I will close now with

Fondest Love

from Will xxx


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