Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 20th inst received this evening. I will send you some more views of Tounai if you like them so. I do not think you as cheeky in asking me for some more views, you don’t ask me to do much for you and I like doing something. I don’t seem to be getting many letters from you lately and I havn’t received one mentioning anything about a puzzle yet. I suppose it has got lost. We have had a fairly heavy fall of snow this last two days and it is not very safe underfoot. This is rather a funny coloured ink it is certainly not black. I have asked Dad to get the Firm to write again and I hope he will I think it will hurry things up a bit. A few more chaps are being demobilised tomorrow. They all seem to be long service men. That song “Nearer my God to Thee” must be at home somewhere as Dad did not send it out. I have been going to tell you for some time that I have read “Paddy the next Best Thing” one of the boys had it sent out Christmas: it is not a bad tale. I do not feel impatient at all at the other boys going home although I want to go very much but I must take my turn when it comes. I feel in a very bad mood this evening and have nothing cheery to write so will close.

With Love

From Yours Ever Will xxx

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