Dearest Emmie

I am writing a few lines this morning as I didn’t write much last night. I was on guard yesterday and didn’t have much time. I feel in a rotten mood lately, don’t know whats the matter with myself. I think it is that longing feeling. Can you give me any remedy for it. I can’t read, write or do anything to pass the time away. I think it is the want of some decent music. Pumping flutes the way we do it is more irritating than anything else; or perhaps it is because I want you so I hope I get leave or get to England soon it is so monotonous here. We have had to fill in some more papers this morning – more red tape. Somehow or other they had me down for 2½ years service in the Army: I don’t know how they did it. One year and nine months is quite long enough for me and I hope that I never see as much as one years service in France. I have been doing my hair differently lately I wonder how you will like it when you see it. I think it is Jack Morrice’s stile with no oil or grease. I havn’t had a word from you yet about the organ, I expect a very minute discription of every detail you know. Perhaps that is rather a big job. We have been sliding all over the place today; after two days snow it has turned very frosty and everywhere is slippery.

We have no curtains up at our window, I am not going to ask you to send some out but we paint them with white blanco and the “artist” is now at work on a new pattern. All the electricians of this town have gone on strike so our light is cut off. Rather a coincidence but I have just this very minute been asked to go and help put up the electric lights for a concert tonight.

It is now nearly ten o’clock; I went and fixed a lot of lights this morning I was glad of something to do but they were not used this evening; the oil engine which drives the dinamo for generating the electricity was out in the snow and was so cold that it wouldn’t go but ce ne fait rien, they had acetelyne gas which went just as well. The concert was “Aladin” and went down very well it has quite cheered me up. The parts were taken very well especially the girls who were boys dressed up. One cannot tell the difference either in looks or voice until the end when all the wigs are taken off. They also had very good dresses, I suppose they were borrowed from England. I don’t think I have any more to write this time only asking you for a nice letter to cheer me up a bit, an extra special one I mean. Well Emmie dear I still think of the Mizpah which you gave me on the 29-3-18 the last day which we were together and I hope it will not be long before I can hug you close once again.

With Fondest Love

From Your Own Boy Will xxxxxx

P.S. Please remember me to your Ma & Pa and the boys.

P.S.S. Have enclosed nib for you to change please, a very fine one please


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