Dear Emmie

Todays letters are not yet up so I am just writing a few lines in advance. I was able to attend another book-keeping lesson this morning, the first for quite a long while. Our teachers’ papers are through and he expects to be going soon so I suppose our lessons on this subject will soon cease. I see by the papers that the Government is sitting on the question of the Army in occupation. I can see some of us going to Germany yet, I wouldn’t mind betting that some of the troops in England who have not yet been to France will have to come out and take their share in this work. I saw one of the Concert Party this morning and he says that the Electric light will be used tonight so our work will not have been in vain. Some of the boys are playing football in about four or five inches of snow. I guess it is some game and will join them and finish this letter later. I have just had a short game of footer and it was not cold at all but rather slippery, I went up once but didn’t hurt myself. There is only a French mail up today as I havn’t a letter from you. By the way I don’t care for that paper you sent me but of course I will finish it up. I have a fair amount of this kind here so I am alright for paper for a little while. I hope I don’t have to write home for any more. One of the boys had a letter which had come by air. It was French mail and had on it (“Par Avion”) By Air. Well I don’t think there is any more to write this time so will conclude,

With Fondest Love

from Yours Ever Will xxx


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