Dear Emmie

Yours to hand of the 23rd inst. I had forgotten that I told you about the French classes but the officer who was taking us has gone away so na pas French classes. Nothing can be done with any certainty now as those who least expect it seem to be going first. All the rations we got yesterday was hard biscuits and a little meat for dinner. I believe there has been a strike on the railway or something but everything is all right today so there’s nothing to grumble about. We (the drums) don’t have any classes now at all because there is no one to take us. It is surprising how much one forgets after a few years from school. There were one or two different little things that I had almost forgotten which were recalled to memory by these classes; they are much better than drills. I think we do get a suit on demob: or the money, I think I will take the former anything does for working in. I hope you don’t lose your job I don’t think you will. How is Mr Clark going on you havn’t mentioned him for quite a long while. I suppose Mabel will soon get “le grand sac” with nothing to put in it. There is another dance for us to play at again tonight I am getting tired of playing at them it would perhaps be a little better if we had a little swing sound ourselves but “pas chance”. I was dreaming of you the other night again and woke up to find my arm round my bed-mates waist, rather a disappointment; what! (oh !! “Mum’s” the word). Mon enfumez ou mal de gorge est plus meilleu maintenant Je vous merci. Comment allez vous? Tres bien je Espoir. I am just off guard again this morning. I have to go on for 24 hours every three days but soon some boys will be back from Tournai and then I will have a little easier time. Well my dear I have no more to write now and dinner will soon be up so au revoir.

With Fondest Love

From Will xxx


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